HHFSchool Campus Hamburg

  • Status:Construction
  • Typologie:EDU, URB
  • Ort:Hamburg (DE)
  • BGF:16.240 m²
  • Jahr:2013-11
  • PS:1–5

HHF – Educational Buildings and Landscape Design

Better Learning

Two schools, one typology, infinite possibilities. For the Lessing Neighborhood School and the Alexander von Humboldt Grammar School, AllesWirdGut and DnD Landschaftsplanung laid out a generous extensive park landscape with free-standing, well-proportioned solitaire buildings. Positioned in a staggered array, the structures are subtly gradated in height and thus align with the dynamic of the marked step in the terrain. The shared multi-purpose building—the hub and center of the campus—is situated on the visual axis between the two schools’ main entrances and provides an urban-planning reference point that is visible from all sides. The compact units are all defined by straight lines and articulated in a contemporary architectural language, which, for example, expresses itself in the uniform clinker-clad façades. Inside the teaching buildings, the classrooms are arranged in a circle around a central atrium like the blades of a windmill. Open areas and niches provide facilities for a variety of forms of teaching and learning. The outdoor areas, which include a biotope pond, an open-air theater, and crop trial plots, offer individually usable and community areas for all. A homogenous and future-oriented campus that that seamlessly fits in with the existing built ensemble while creating room for individual development.


Client: GMH | Gebäudemanagement Hamburg GmbH
Project Stages: 1–5
Invited Competition: 11.2013 – 1st Prize
GBA: 16.240 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Team competition:Ivana Valekova, Lukas Morong, Nils Bergner, Simona Masarova, Zuzana Tomanova
Team execution: Agron Deralla, Alisa Klauenberg, Carmen Trifina, Franziska Sturm, Jana Zdenkova, Julian Schachner, Julia Stockinger, Lena Waldenberger, Magdalena Drach, Martin Brandt, Nadine Tschinke, Rachele Albini, Thomas Hold

Visualization: miss3.cz
Model: mattweiss